ZigBee for Sensor Networks in Space and Field Science
Rick Alena, NASA Ames • Mark Foster, NASA Ames

NASA Ames has undertaken examination of ZigBee as a candidate for supporting wireless sensor networks, including the multi-center Wireless Connections in Space project sponsored by the NASA Engineering and Safety Center. This work strives to contribute guidance that enables rapid deployment of new sensors into unusual areas and mounted in ways that provide new measurement capabilities, such as sensors embedded in composite materials. Of particular focus is to leverage, to the extent possible, a core of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components. These developments have the potential for significantly reducing cost and effort required while improving the process of sensor installation and management for space vehicles and field science teams, such as those investigating ecological systems and wildlife habitats. This presentation provides a summary of the progress to date of NASA Ames. ZigBee sensor network evaluations and how a mostly COTS approach might be used in research & education environments.

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