Can You Replay That?
David Pritkin, UCI

UCI REPLAY ( is a rapidly deployed, low cost, easy-to-use, computer screen and audio recording solution for UC Irvine faculty and staff. Since its implementation in fall 2009, the new service has quickly become popular for capturing course lectures, presentations, department meetings, training programs, guest speakers, special events, tutorials, instructional videos, and more.

UCI Replay utilizes the Camtasia Relay recording software, which is freely available to all UC Irvine faculty and staff on both Windows and Mac platforms. All classrooms across campus are equipped to be Replay-ready and for impromptu meetings, there's even a portable recorder that runs from a USB "thumb drive." Recordings can be made anywhere in the world, are automatically transferred back to the encoder, and effortlessly published in a variety of audio/video/web formats to an on-campus server.

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