Privacy: Big Brother, Big Mother, Due Diligence and the Consequence of Failure
Kent Wada, UCLA

"The right to be let alone . . . the right most valued by civilized men." U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Privacy is fundamental to the academy. It provides a space within which intellectual inquiry can be pursued and paves a path towards a respectful and ethical workplace, yet even a single definition of privacy proves elusive. How do we balance the many conflicting values we hold, mandates we must comply with and forces we face? Security, openness, transparency, accountability, emerging technology trends, business needs, regulatory obligations -- and the list goes on, and keeps changing. In this session, we'll explore real-life impacts on privacy -- whether protecting patient information, use of network traffic as research data or guarding against Big Brother -- and some ideas for thinking about the balancing act between technology, culture and law in the microcosm of our institutions.

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