OptIPortal to the People: A Low-cost Approach to Building a 4K+ OptIPortal
Jeff Weekley, NPS

The Naval Postgraduate School in Collaboration with MOVES and ITACS have built a low-cost OptiPortal for under $10K. While typical installations of this size usually run in the $30-$40K range, this approach allows for up to 32 screens running from a single rack-mount or standalone workstation. This low cost alternative brings all the collaborative and creative power of large scale Optiportals whose price tags are an order of magnitude larger, to researchers and students. For the optiportal to proliferate as a collaborative, creative, and educational tool new, lower cost approaches must be explored. In this presentation we will cover the basic hardware and construction of the low-cost optiportal, discuss the significant differences in the single-machine approach in SAGE software architecture and share some NPS-unique applications running on our OptiPortal. This talk should be of great interest to all those who wish to build large, collaborative visualization tools, but thought that they were too expensive or too hard to build.

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