California Digital Library Panel Publishing, Delivery, and Curation: a Selection of Services from the California Digital Library for the UC Community and Beyond
Patricia Cruse, UC Curation Center • Lisa Schiff, CDL Publishing Group • Adrian Turner, Digital Special Collections

The California Digital Library (CDL) at the University of California (UC) provides innovative services and applications for the UC community and beyond. Through advancements in technology, CDL supports learning, teaching, and research at the UC and the broader educational community. This session will highlight four of CDL's services: 1) eScholarship, an open access scholarly publishing platform that provides digital publishing services to the University of California and a dynamic, free research resource to scholars worldwide; 2) Calisphere, a free website that offers educators, students, and the public access to more than 200,000 digitized primary sources from cultural heritage institutions across the state; 3) Merritt, a new cost-effective curation repository service, that empowers users to manage, archive, and share valuable digital content, and 4) EZID (easy-eye-dee), a service that makes it simple for digital object producers (researchers and others) to obtain and manage long-term identifiers for their digital content, therefore enabling them to manage and distribute their research. Panelists will describe the scope of these services, the user needs that inform the creation and hosting of them, their utilization within research and learning contexts, and their underlying technical infrastructures. Panelists will also demonstrate the services, when applicable, to showcase key functionalities.

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