High Quality Video Capture in the Classroom: A Case Study
Jeff Malnick, NPS
Jeff Weekley, NPS

This case study reports on lessons learned from producing 157 sessions totaling over 75 hours of video instruction. Topics include how to prepare and present video sessions for each lesson, recording and production techniques, building a video website, and teaching to remote students while recording. This presentation summarizes the entire production process ranging from proper preparation of course materials to pre-production, classroom presentation, speaker recording, screen capture, digital production, post-production of video sessions and distribution of finished materials. Also discussed is the post-production environment and how a high Quality of Service Local Area Network for online video editing was used, saving thousands of dollars over traditional Fibre Channel solutions. Most importantly the feasibility and repeatability of recording classroom video sessions with minimal post-production requirements is shown, thus reducing video-production labor costs significantly. While there is no single workflow that will fit every situation, the techniques discussed in this presentation are broadly applicable and will help those interested in bringing high quality video production to their classrooms in an affordable, repeatable way.

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