CENIC 2011: Expanding Our Horizons

[CENIC 2011: Call for Award Nominations]

Each year CENIC seeks to discover and recognize exemplary innovations that leverage the California Research and Education Network (CalREN) and have the potential to improve the way instruction and research is conducted. We are calling for nominations of applications and projects which represent innovative uses of the network. Awards will be presented in the following four categories:

  • Education Applications
  • High Performance Research Applications
  • Experimental/Developmental Applications
  • Gigabit/Broadband Applications

CENIC encourages applications and projects focused on research, teaching and learning activities involving collaboration across multiple segments of the K-20 community, and/or international collaborations that have been developed within 2009-2010. An Award committee will review the nominations and determine the award winners on the basis of submitted materials, and additional interviews as necessary.

CENIC will present these awards at the 15th annual CENIC conference, Expanding our Horizons, March 7-9, 2011, at the UC Irvine Student Center, in Irvine, CA. Award winners will be notified in advance of the conference and will be asked to give presentations on their award-winning work during a special session at the conference.

The deadline for submission of nominations is December 3, 2010, by 5:00 pm. Nominations may be submitted via e-mail to cenic11-proposals@cenic.org with the subject line "Innovations in Networking Award Nomination". Submissions may be made by the individual(s) who worked on the project, or by others, and should include:

  • Name, title, and contact information of submitter
  • Award Category
  • Names of project/application leader(s) and team members
  • A summary paragraph that highlights the significance of the project (100 words)
  • A project description (not to exceed 5 pages), including the project URLs
  • The technology/technologies utilized in the project
  • The time frame of implementation
  • Objective summary of benefits attributed to the project (not to exceed 2 pages)

General questions may be addressed to Doug Hartline, Conference Chair, at cenic11-info@cenic.org.

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NSF Cyberinfrastructure head Alan Blatecky and Carnegie Mellon's Jon M. Peha to keynote at Expanding Our Horizons -- Learn more!

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Learn more about this year's winners -- three research and education projects, and one broadband project for northern/central California!

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