CENIC 2011: Expanding Our Horizons

[Keynote Speakers: Learn More!]

CENIC is proud to announce that attendees to its 2011 annual conference, Expanding Our Horizons, will enjoy Keynote Addresses by NSF Cyberinfrastructure head Alan Blatecky on Monday, March 7, 2011 and Carnegie Mellon's Jon M. Peha on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. Learn more!

[2011 Innovations in Networking Award Winners]

Learn more about the fantastic applications and broadband projects that were honored with the 2011 Innovations in Networking Awards! And remember, conference attendees will enjoy presentations by the award winners on Tuesday, March 8 after the Awards Luncheon.

[Sign up for and offer a carpool]

Attendees are invited to visit the CENIC Online Carpool App to offer and request rides to and from the Irvine Hyatt Hotel to the UCI Student Center or elsewhere. Take a look and learn how to make your visit more convenient and help out your fellow attendees!

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